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[trx_title type=”2″ style=”underline” align=”center”]St Shenouda Monastery World Youth Day[/trx_title]
St Shenouda Monastery | World Youth Day

With the blessings of Bishop Anba Daniel and because of your overwhelming positive feedback from our online World Teens Day, we have extremely exciting news! As per popular demand, we WILL be hosting a Monastery WORLD Youth Day!

This is no typical zoom session. It will be FILLED with amazing international speakers, funny segments… and of course… FREE giveaways! YES… you read that right… FREE!

To get your hands on the zoom details, please register below and keep your eyes peeled on your emails

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Bishop Anba Daniel: Bishop & Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery Sydney., Putty, New South Wales
Bishop Anba Daniel: Bishop & Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery Sydney., Putty, New South Wales

Bishop Anba Daniel (St Shenouda Monastery): – St Anthony and the only book he had: The Bible  

“Hold in your heart the commandments of Scripture” Life of Anthony

The Bible was central to St Anthony’s life. His everyday actions were backed up by the commandments of the Bible. St Athanasius the author of his life records him saying:

“hold in your heart the commandments of Scripture; be mindful of the works of the saints that your souls being put in remembrance of the commandments may be brought into harmony with the zeal of the saints.”

His Grace Anba Daniel, originally a monk from St Anthony’s Monastery has much to say about St Anthony and his personal relationship with the saint.

His Grace Bishop Angaelos - United Kingdom
His Grace Bishop Angaelos - United Kingdom

Archbishop Angaelos (Diocese of London): Being a Daily Witness

“Anthony left and withdrew to his monastic cell and daily bore witness (Martyred) there according to his usual custom.” Life of Anthony 47

Being a witness in the world might be a strange concept to many especially at a time when we are forced to stay at home. It is recorded in the life of St Anthony that he “daily bore witness” when he withdrew from the city and went to his cell. Archbishop Angaelos will speak to us about the ways we can be witnesses to Christ in isolation and how we should continuo to witnessing post pandemic.

Professor Malcolm Choat - Macquarie University Sydney Australia
Professor Malcolm Choat - Macquarie University Sydney Australia

Prof Malcolm Choat (Macquarie University): Life and Time of St Anthony

To better understand the life and spirituality of St Anthony we need to understand the culture and time where he lived. It would be a grave mistake to assume he lived in a world like ours. Malcolm will paint us a picture of the cultural context on the 3rd and 4th centuries where St Anthony lived from different sources such as archaeological finds, papyri and privet letters.  

Prof Malcolm Choat is Professor of Ancient History in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University where he also teaches Coptic Studies.

Martina Bastawrous - St Shenouda Monastery Youth Day
Martina Bastawrous - Sydney Australia

Martina Bastawrous: Our life and our death is with our neighbour.

Our life and our death is with our neighbour. If we have gained our brother, we have gained God, but if we scandalise our brother, we have sinned against God. 

Though the monastic life has great emphasis on solitude, yet we know from the teachings of St. Anthony that it does not contradict the Bible commandments of loving our neighbour as ourselves. Martina will explain to us how we can apply this saying in our everyday life.

Martina is currently a medical student and also a dedicated servant. A great portion of her attention is focused on serving the youth who who are living abroad together amidst their studies.

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Mama Maggie | St Shenouda Monastery Youth Day
Mama Maggie - Egypt

Maggie Gobran, often referred to as the Mother Teresa of Cairo, is a Coptic Christian lady who once lived an affluent lifestyle sheltered from the poverty and misery. In 1989, she gave up her academic career to become a consecrated servant and set up the charity Stephen’s Children, whose aim is improving the lives of the children of Christians and families living in Cairo’s slum quarters and impoverished communities in rural Upper Egypt.

The Ayoub Sisters - St Shenouda Monastery Youth
The Ayoub Sisters - Scotland

The Ayoub Sisters are a multi-instrumental musical duo consisting of siblings Sarah and Laura Ayoub. The duo arrange and perform instrumental versions of well-known pop and classical works

Free Asaph Tunes Album


When you sign up for World Teens Day, you will receive the latest Asaph Tunes Album for free. Asaph Tunes is another St Shenouoda Monastery service which is a hub for all Orthodox Christian music artist.

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3 Hour Event


Sydney, Saturday 30th May: 9am – 12pm
US East Coast, Friday 29th May: 7pm -10pm
US West Coast, Friday 29th May: 4pm – 7pm
Canada, Friday 29th May: 7pm – 10pm

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Don’t miss out on this very rare chance to connect with Orthodox youth all around the world!


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  • Matthew Younan
    Posted May 28, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    God bless your great work! I love St Shenouda’s Monastery and the amazing work you do. Please keep us in your prayers.

  • Chrsten
    Posted May 29, 2020 at 8:32 am

    Good job

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