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St Shenouda Monastery World Teens Day

World Teens Day 2021

The Bible: Truth & Dare

Did you know that the Bible is the most read book of all time? It has also been the all time best seller for decades. Despite these facts we as teens are challenged about how reliable the Bible is historically and how we as Christians blindly believe an old book that was written 2000 years ago that could have been tampered with along the way. Luckily as Christians we don’t only we believe that the Bible is the true and inspired word of God but that it has stayed true to the original. This teen’s day we will put the Bible to the test of history as we would do any other historical book and see if it stands the test.

If the Bible is true and it is the inspired word of God, then how do I as a Christian apply it to my life? Are the stories and commandments in the Bible relatable to me as a teenager today? Join us this teen’s day to learn more about the Bible, and not only to seek the truth of the Bible but to dare to apply it to our lives.

With the blessing of Bishop Anba Daniel, we are back with another exciting event for our awesome TEENS around the globe on zoom! As usual this zoom session will be filled with SPIRITUAL talks FUN segments.

We are even more excited this teens day to announce that this time we will be having live FRENCH translators to include Coptic teens from German and French speaking countries.

To allow the teens to enjoy the day and interact with other teens, we will limit the number of people who can go on zoom to 500 people. We will only send the zoom meeting details via email so make sure you register. We will also be emailing you about our latest publications and free giveaways.

Make sure you invite a friend or 10 to register for the event.

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Talk 1: The Bible

HG Bishop Anba Daniel, Abbot of St Shenouda’s Monastery 

Bishop Anba Daniel: Bishop & Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery Sydney., Putty, New South Wales
Bishop Anba Daniel: Bishop & Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery Sydney., Putty, New South Wales

Bishop Daniel is the bishop of St Shenouda Monastrery, Sydney Australia. He has been committed to serving youth and teenagers for over 30 years all over Australia.

The Bible is an important text in every Christian’s life. However, we often struggle to keep up with our readings, and eventually forget its teachings and impact. Sometimes, all we need is a little refresher to remind ourselves how lucky we truly are to have the Bible!

Make sure you hop on early to hear HG Bishop Daniel remind us of the Bible’s true significance.





Talk 2: Seek the Truth 

George Bassilios:

Dr George Bassilios is a professor of apologetics at St. Athanasius Boarding Seminary in Texas, St. Paul Theological Seminary in Mississauga, Canada, and St. Athanasius Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. His passion permeates throughout his book,  ‘Timeless Truth in Truthless Times’, where he answers 35 tough questions about God, Christianity and the Bible.

Every day, the Word of God is attacked. Society often questions the validity of the Bible, and its historical accuracy to deter people from the faith. We often find ourselves struggling to defend the Bible’s truth! 

But fear not, because George Bassilios is here! Keep your ears peeled throughout George’s talk as he provides us with the evidentiary tools to defend our faith!



Talk 3: Dare To Apply

Fr Anthony Mourad:

Fr Anthony Mourad has been serving as a parish priest at St George and St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Ottawa.  A familiar face on Coptic Orthodox Answers, Fr Anthony Mourad does not shy away from answering burning questions, and breaking down difficult theological concepts. 

Have you ever struggled applying the teachings of the Bible in your daily life? Surprisingly, you are not alone! Some struggle with understanding what they read and the Bible’s teachings, whilst others fear living out the Bible in this crazy world! 

Join us on World Youth Day, where Father Anthony Mourad helps us overcome these struggles, with practical advice!


Syd (Sat 8th May – 6:00am)
US east coast (Fri 7th May – 4:00pm)
US west coast (Fri 7th May – 1:00pm)
Toronto, CA (Fri 7th May – 4:00pm)
France (Fri 7th May – 10:00pm)

Higlights from the day

Teens Day Bishop Raphael
St Shenouda Press Youtube

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