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The Ultimate Superpower: To see the good in a person | Orthodox Insights

The Ultimate Superpower: To see the good in a person | Orthodox Insights

What superpowers would you want to have? The ability to fly? teleport? be invisible? There are countless powers that we think are cool, exciting, unique, but there are more powerful traits that often go unrecognized but can go a long way.

Seraphina Saeed beautifully explains that the ultimate superpower is to see the good in every person. Using the example of annoying boys, Seraphina lightheartedly conveys the importance of looking at what is good about the person and not what is bad. Yes, boys may be annoying, but if we look beyond that, they are also smart, funny, and “sometimes friendly” :)… The same of course applies for girls.

The prime example of this is our Lord Jesus Christ who always sees the good in us. If we emulate Jesus’ qualities, life will be a lot better and peaceful. We need to do this so that more kindness and love is spread around our world.

Remember to always see the good in every person!

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