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St Bulis al-Bushi

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St Bulus al-Bushi has and will be known as one of the greatest theologians in the history of the Coptic Middle Ages. His extensive contributions to writing in Arabic had extensive effects to Egyptian Christians and other groups as he was one of the first authors to write in the Arabic language rather than translate from the Greek or Coptic as was common at the time.


He was probably born between 1170 and 1175 and was a native of the city of Bush north of Bani Suef in Middle Egypt. His lifespan was closely paralleled to the Ayyubid rule in Egypt (1171-1250) and passed away around 1250. He joined the monastery of Anba Samuel of Qalamun in the Fayyum province. His fame greatly increased when he was one of three monks nominated to succeed John Pope VI (who died in 1216) as patriarch of Alexandria, though he withdraw his nomination. During the last decade of his life, he was ordained as the first bishop of Cairo.


The eight homilies translated in this book are arguably his most famous work which are attested to in dozens of manuscripts. These homilies were given on the major church feasts. Traditionally they homely on Good Friday is read at the sixth hour of Good Friday in the Coptic Orthodox church. These homilies are characterised by their extensive use of scripture, as well as his ability to integrate theological and spiritual themes, which puts him in line with the great church fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries.



Author : St Bulus El Bushi
ISBN : 978-0-6455543-9-7
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2023
Size: 5.5×8.5in
Pages :198


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