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Preacher of Righteousness – The Saintly Life of Fr Luke Sidarous

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Ask yourself this, do you know Him? Truly?

Do you know Christ personally?

Have you experienced Him?

You may ask: “How do I deal with Him? We live in the world.” Well, He
lived in the world. “But our current interests are eating and drinking.”
Well, He ate and drank too. “And our clothing. The world seizes us and
encircles us with its problems and circumstances – we get tired, sleep and

Nevertheless, I tell you that He is your partner, and He shares with us in all things. Indeed, He is with you in all aspects of life. You will find Him. You will find Him with you “ Isaiah 55:6. Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.”1 He is very near, believe me. You will find Him in every moment of your day, even in your meals – He is the One who blesses your meals. In your sleep, it is written that He slept also; He blesses my sleep. [He blesses] my eating, my drinking, my coming in, my going out, my dealings with people, my dealings even with the unholy and with the people of the world.

What is His name? He said that His name is Emmanuel, which means ‘God with us’. Not as a mere expression. No. He said that His name is God with me. He does not leave me or neglect me, not for a moment or for the blink of an eye. The knowledge of Christ, therefore, is not the knowledge acquired from books, but rather the experience of closeness, intimacy, and union with Him.

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The Very Reverend Hegumen Fr Luke Sidarous (1940-2020) was a Coptic Orthodox priest who knew Christ in all His splendour. He experienced the closeness and intimacy of Christ and His saints.

In this book, Fr Mikhail Mikhail provides an account of the holy character of Fr Luke Sidarous which attracted many souls to him. During his holy life, Fr Luke guided us by the example of how he lived and preached Christ in numerous ways. His life was a life of service, prayer and fatherhood. The imprint of his fatherhood lives on in the multitude of spiritual sons and daughters that he has left behind.

Presented by St Shenouda press

Author:  Fr Mikhail Mikhail

Publisher: St Shenouda Press

Year: 2021

Pages: 38



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