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On The Incarnation For Teens

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St Athanasius’ On the Incarnation is arguably one of his most famous writings utilized throughout Orthodox theological discussions worldwide. Yet many find it complex and overwhelming.

On The Incarnation for Teens is an easy-to-read, instructional book which simplifies the deep theological discussions that are in the original text. This book helps answer many common questions teenagers have today about the incarnation of Christ. The author links back to the original text with reflections and connections to the scripture and the Holy Liturgy, allowing the reader to apply everyday theology to everyday life!

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‘On the Incarnation’, one of the most famous books in all Christian history, was written by an equally famous saint – beloved of the Egyptians – St Athanasius the Great of Alexandria.

St Athanasius wrote many books, three of which are particularly famous. The first is called ‘Against the Gentiles’ where he argues against the pagans, the second is ‘On the Incarnation,’ where he speaks about the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and the third is ‘The Life of St Anthony’, where he tells the story of the great monk St Anthony. Because of his constant rivalry with emperors, Athanasius earned the Latin title ‘Athanasius Contra Mundum’ which means ‘Athanasius Against the World’. Because of his contribution to Christian theology, Athanasius earned the Coptic title ‘Athanasios Pi-Apostolikos’ which means ‘Athanasius the Apostolic.’

On the Incarnation for Teens, simplifies the arguments in the original book while answering many of the common questions we have today about the topic. It also includes a commentaries on how a teenager can apply these theological believes in their day-to-day lives.

This book makes a great Christmas gift for your high school students or a great resource for a book club as it follows the original book chapter by chapter.


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