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Four Egyptian Martyrs

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This volume presents in English translation (mostly for the first time) ancient Coptic versions of the lives of four Egyptian martyrs who each died under the reign of Diocletian. These are St. Epime of Pancoleus, St. Abanoub of Nehisa. St. Apatil of Sabaru and St. Lacaron of Tgeliensis. Each of these were youths or young men who faced a range of appalling and often bizarre tortures with exemplary courage and fortitude, before accepting final martyrdom at the hands of the imperial authorities.

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In the early fourth century, under the reign of the emperor Diocletian, followers of the Christian Faith experienced a sustained and systematic campaign of fierce persecution at the hands of the Roman authorities. The aim of this persecution was nothing less than the entire abolition of the true Faith and the utter destruction of the Church. Much blood was shed and many lives were lost for the holy Name of Christ.

Whilst these persecutions were conducted throughout the entire Roman empire, they were particularly vitriolic and savage in Egypt. An immense number of Egyptian Christians of the period received the noble crown of martyrdom, responding to the cruelty and inhumanity of their persecutors with a heroism and fidelity which remains profoundly astonishing and wondrously inspiring.

Author: Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB
ISBN: 978-0-6451394-5-7
Publisher Name: St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL: www.stshenoudapress.com
Publisher Year: 2021
Size: 9 x 6in
Pages: –

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