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Orthodox Christian Bookstore | The Ethiopian Servant of God

Orthodox Christian Bookstore | The Ethiopian Servant of God



Father Abd el-Mesih el-Habashi is an Ethiopian Coptic monk who is of the twentieth century’s great ascetics who lived in the Egyptian desert. In his humility, his life quickly became a witness to the continuity of the desert spirituality of the 4th century.

Through the collection of documents recorded by voice or as written accounts by Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Monks, or Lay people, St Shenouda Press presents “The Ethiopian Servant of God”.

This great father was neither concerned by man nor of things of this world, but rather was only focused on God – always directing his eyes towards heaven. He did not act haphazardly and thus his behavior was a result of deep spiritual understanding.

Fr Abd el-Mesih’s character combines the weakness of the human nature and the strength of the spiritual personality, hence being an excellent example of a true Christian. He was not of a special breed of people and like anyone he was agitated, tasted pain, and suffered trials. He left all these experiences for us as an example in persevering in through tough times..


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