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A DISCOURSE OF ABBA EPIPHANIUS BISHOP OF SALAMIS Edited by: Fr Athanasius Eskander Saint Epiphanius (feast day Pachons 17) was born 312 AD in Judea to Jewish parents. He converted to Christianity, was baptised and later became a monk under Abba Hilarion (feast day Paopi 24). He later came to Egypt and spent some sometime…

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Bishop Epiphanius Blog Post-St Shenouda Press

Bishop Epiphanius

Bishop Epiphanius “ Saul Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”. “I am not persecuting you I am persecuting the people of the WAY (The Christians)” St Paul might have thought Saint Paul learnt the lesson that when he persecutes Christians he is persecuting Christ Himself. There is a strange element in this story, that Christ is in these…

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I Wonder What kind of Child will this be ?: St Shenouda Press Blog

Third Sunday of Kiahk

Ministry with Joy in the Lord The Lord Christ did not choose St. Mary among the disciples or the seventy apostles, yet she was an amazing and effective example in applying the practical ministry. In her silence, she did not tell her betrothed St. Joseph about the annunciation of the angel Gabriel, and she did…

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I Wonder What kind of Child will this be ?: St Shenouda Press Blog

First Sunday of Kiahk

Holy Silence and Private Dialogue with the Lord   By: Fr Tadros Malaty When the month of Kiahk begins, what is occupying the believers’ minds is the vigilance in the praises of “seven and four, where everyone smells the aromas of the meeting with the saviour of mankind through the praises of the heart and mind. This…

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The Kiahk Praises

The Praise of Seven and Four (The Praise of the month of Kiahk) By: Fr Tadros Malaty The month of Kiahk is a holy month, the Coptic Church focuses on it, because it is the month of praise that prepares us to celebrate the glorious birth (Kiahk 29). It is renowned for a special praise…

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The Power of Prayer | St Shenouda Press

The Power of Prayer

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20   The Power of Prayer   By: Fr Anthony St Shenouda   The last few days has been a great testament to the power of prayer. Prayer that works miracles prayer that changes people’s lives. Thousands…

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Holy Fools : St Shenouda Press Blog

Holy Fools

 Holy Fools By Fr Anthony St Shenouda “If virtue is revealed it is snatched by the demon of vain glory” -St Abd el Masih el Manahry In the Orthodox Church we have a number of Category of saints, for example we have martyrs, military martyrs, bishops, monks, nuns, lay reformers. Yet a very obscure category…

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Remembrance of Death: St Shenouda Press Blog

The Remembrance of Death

The Remembrance of Death By Fr Antony St Shenouda Every good and beloved soul… when it has been released by death from the body with which it was united… immediately experiences the joy and pleasure which it shall enjoy in full measure in the future… and though immediately after death the enjoyment is small, after…

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Marriage or Monasticism : St Shenouda Press Blog

Marriage or Monasticism?

Marriage or Monasticism? By: Fr Anthony St Shenouda The question marriage or monasticism separates monastic virtues from Christian life. It makes out monasticism and marriage as two opposing direction, were if you are a monk you have to fast, lead an ascetic life and obedience, but for a married person he does not have to…

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Do You Love Me? Tend my Sheep: St Shenouda Press Blog

Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me? Tend my Sheep By: Fr Anthony St Shenouda “So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter ‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me more than these?’” (Jn 21:15-17) After Christ’s resurrection, He appeared to His disciples not only to confirm his resurrection to them but also to…

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Compunction: St Shenouda Press Blog


Compunction By Fr Anthony St Shenouda Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted (Matt 5:4) Compunction (or in Greek panthos, means sadness or mourning) repeatedly appears in the monastic literature. Many monastic fathers even advised it as a way of life. Abba Poemen once saw a woman grieving over her husbands’ tomb,…

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Repetition in Prayer : St Shenouda Press Blog

Repetition in Prayer

  Repetition in Prayer   By Fr Anthony St Shenouda A common problem that Orthodox Christians face is distraction during Prayer. One of the reasons for such distractions is usually the fact that it seems we are doing the same prayers. The Agbia with the same psalms daily, the weekly liturgy and for some daily and the…

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